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A voice and video tool to bring remote teams closer together.

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Spontaneous conversations. Fewer meetings.

Archimedes was in the bath, Newton was in a garden, and Einstein was on a train. Creativity doesn't strike in meetings.

We built Vizy for the eureka moments. We embraced speed and spontaneity to create a set of features—instantaneous voice and video chat, lightweight messaging, screen sharing, and Google Docs-like multiplayer app collaboration—that are fast, comprehensive, and stylish.

No more waiting for tomorrow's meeting to chat or jumping between multiple collaboration apps. Just spontaneous communication that nurtures your team's creativity, innovation, and productivity.


Instantaneous conversation. Click on a teammate to have a short, focused conversation. It's like tapping someone on the shoulder, not like a making phone call.


Virtual rooms. Join a room when you're free. Teammates can see you’re around and instantly pop in to talk without having to call.


Seamless collaboration. Screen share and see your teammates’ cursors on your screen or join them in the app they’re using.


Cross-platform. Vizy works across major operating systems.


Countless integrations. Powerful creativity and productivity tools that help you explore, connect, and work better are integrated with Vizy. Collaborate on a Google Doc or join teammates while they code, all in a single click.